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Jen Varner

I have no idea how I came to this blog and I should be working but I ended up here and reading your story.

Congratulations! I am happy for you.




Hola Alicia
My name is lesly evans i live in jacksonville florida i am from Honduras ( so my English is not too good ) i am married with a american man, i am 38 years old we are trying have babies i started with letrozole and follistim i had the first cicle but we didnt have good results .i am so happy see your blog it give me hopes...

tell me what did you do for passing all this time because the people tell you : you need have faith dont be stress but i think you understand me thats is imposible you feel stress and you dont know what to do ....

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Conceiving Timeline

  • Jan 01/05 - Married!
    Aug 06 - Throw away birth control
    July 07 - Get family doctor to refer us to the fertility clinic
    Oct 25/07 - 1st appointment at fert clinic, where testing began
    Dec 5/07 - 2nd appointment at fert clinic, Clomid prescribed
    Dec 6/07 - HSG test, tubes are a go!
    Dec 23/07 - Begin 1st round of Clomid - BFN
    Jan 20/08 - Begin 2nd round of Clomid - BFN
    Feb 19/08 - Begin 3rd round of Clomid - BFN
    Apr 01/08 - 3rd appointment at fert clinic, Intrauterine Insemination with Clomid prescribed x3
    May 08 - After forced 2 month break IUI # 1 - BFN
    July 08- IUI #2 - BFP!!!!! Due April 19/09
    Apr 26/09 - Ivy Marie Eleanor Millis was born!

Adoption Timeline

  • Dec 5/07 - Adoption Orientation
    Dec 6/07 - Filled out application
    Dec /07 - Send out 4 reference letters to friends and family,
    - got criminal record checks done
    - got child welfare checks done
    - signed up for seminar.
    Feb 7/08 - Doctor filled out our medical references
    Feb 25/08 - Picked up medical references.
    Feb 22 -24/08 - Adoption Seminar
    April 8/08 - Filled out child type checklist
    May 1/08 - 1st homestudy
    May 10/08 - 2nd homestudy
    May 20/08 - 3rd homestudy
    June 17/08 - 4th homestudy
    July 6/08 - Last questions answered to Social Worker
    July 11/08 - Application passed onto Adoption Worker
    Oct 24/08 - Recieved call from Adoption Worker. Social Worker did not recommend us for adoption in her report. We are devestated. Working on plans for when we decide to adopt in the future.
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